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Geneiion media

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Geneiion media

Geneiion is a niche house music content company that promotes, documents house music brand stories. We build and grow dope, memorable house music brands that will drive Africa’s house music growth, that house ambassadors’ love. We help house music brands and house music record companies with strategic plans, brand strategies and business strategies to help drive their growth.

We create dope house music content that appeals, engages, and connects house music brands with their target market. We Are Not Everything To Everyone! Our core message is house music content and house music brand storytelling. Partner with us and we’ll make your house music brand unforgettable and memorable.


WHat We Do !

House Music Brand Storytelling

As Geneiion, we are natural born house music brand storytellers and this lies at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves in documenting compelling, engaging, entertaining, informative, inspiring house music brand stories that...

House Music Strategic Plan

At Geneiion, we help house music record companies and house music brands with strategic planning that help them to plan, structure and grow their businesses. We develop a strategic plan that is aligned to your brand and business...

House Music Brand & Name Conceptualisation​

Coming up with a memorable, unique and authentic house music brand name is the first step in the brand building process. Giving your new house music brand a name is what we do best as Geneiion. Your DJ name...

House Music Brand Communications Plan/Strategy

We are best placed to connect your house music brand with house music ambassadors in turn helping them engage and connect with your brand. We employ the best communications strategies...

House Music Marketing & Promotions

We market to position and promote to attract. We are best place to market and position, promote your house music brand or record company in a highly competitive and sweet ho...

House Music Brand Development and Management

Building a house music brand is as important as managing it. Brand development and management are one of the most important aspects in the evolution of a house music brand in the...

Why us?

Firstly, we deliver value through the body of house music work that we dispense and execute. We are driven by our purpose to drive house music brands that will drive Africa’s house music growth and deliver house music solutions for our clients. We live, love and are passionate about this dope and sweet house culture, we are part of this house music market, and we document the most memorable house music brand stories. We produce the most appealing and entertaining house music content and we have a deep understanding of the house music market, in-depth and house sector knowledge. We devise strategic plans, business strategies, marketing plans, brand strategies, message strategies, campaign developments and align that with your business objectives. It is due to our profound knowledge in house music business, a strong strategic expertise and a small size, which allows quick and effective communications. Partner with us and entrust us with your house music brand and we’ll create magic for you.

House Music Branding

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We market to position and promote to attract. We are best place to market and position, promote your house music brand or record company in a highly competitive and sweet house music marketplace. Your benefit as a client is the positioning and differentiation that we’ll create for your house music brand in the marketplace. Everything is aligned to the overall business strategy of your house music brand or record company.

About Us

We also value our clients and house ambassadors greatly, they are the reason for our existence. We uphold the highest customer service standards in order to add value to our clients. We uphold the highest level of transparency, professionalism and respect.

Geneiion media!

We stand for values of ethics, trust, integrity, honesty and credibility.
We value great work ethic and dope body of house music work from all our partners.
We value great partnerships with both our clients and house ambassadors.

geneiion media!

Our vision is to transform Geneiion into a global house music content company.

Geneiion media!

Geneiion’s mission is to deliver quality, entertaining, engaging and inspiring house music content for house music consumers. To build and grow house music brands that house music consumers’ love. To build iconic and memorable house music brands that will drive Africa’s house music growth.

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Frequently Asked!

No we don’t only work with DJs, we also work with house music record companies to help them with strategic plans, brand strategies, business strategies, marketing, promotions and communications. We also help them with house music content and documenting their house music brand stories that connect and engage with their target audience.

Yes, we do work with all artists all over South Africa. We help them transition from just DJs to memorable house music brands that will compete with the best in the world.

We are a strictly house music content company that only services the house music business/sector. We are not all things to all people and definitely not everything to everyone. We cover the different disciplines that include strategic plans, brand strategy, business strategy, house music brand storytelling, house music marketing and promotions, house music brand names i.e. coming up with memorable, simple and easy to pronounce DJ names and sometimes we do re-branding for DJ names, brand differentiation, brand positioning, campaign development, graphic design etc . We are not only a services company but we also build and develop house music assets from traditional to tech.

No, we come up with both new DJ names and house music record company names. We can do a re-branding on your old name and come up with a new memorable, meaningful, authentic, simple and easy to pronounce house music DJ name for you that can make you stand out from the rest of your competition in the house music marketplace.