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12 Reasons Why House Music Marketing Is Important

House Music Branding

House music brand awareness can best be described as getting your brand to be noticed by so many of your target audience. The concept of raising brand awareness is one that takes time and will not happen overnight but over time as house music consumers become familiar with your house music brand. Raising house music brand awareness can come in different forms even through engagement and word of mouth marketing where house music consumers take over. House music brand awareness plays a significant role in getting your target audience to be familiar with your brand and to recognise it and engage with it. The famous phrase that it is easy to recognise a house music brand than to recall it from memory, rings true even for a new and emerging house music brand. House music brand awareness and marketing are the biggest hindrance to many house music brands and stifle the growth of a house music brand. House music brand recognition can only be achieved and realised through repeated exposure of your house music brand overtime. It is for that reason that a house music brand has to take that initiative to drum up its awareness in a highly competitive house music marketplace and break through the clutter and noise.

It is important for your house music brand not only to be eye-catching but to have a strategy that will ensure that it is seen by many house music consumers eyeballs. Brand awareness will not only put your house music brand in front of house ambassadors eyes but it can go a long way in ensuring that house ambassadors are able to recognise and choose your house music brand ahead of others in the same house music marketplace. People cannot buy that which they don’t know and what they have never seen or heard of and that’s where house music brand awareness and brand recognition comes into play. Lack of brand recognition can have a significant effect on a new and emerging house music brand as that can stop it from being seen by many house ambassadors’ eyeballs. This illustrates my point spectacularly, that brand awareness and brand recognition are important in driving a house music brand for growth and to expose it to a larger house music audience both locally and globally.

The more your house music brand is exposed to house ambassadors the better for your house music brand is able to connect and engage with them. The sticking point is that they know and have seen your house music brand and that makes it easy for them to choose to connect with it and support it. Increase in brand recognition contributes to high levels of brand engagement and brand awareness among house ambassadors. Some people are comfortable engaging with what they know and the same goes for house ambassadors in their effort to engage with a house music brand that is visible and that is able to cut through the clutter. Brand awareness and recognition amongst house ambassadors contributes to high levels of brand choice and brand consumption overtime. The sweet spot is when house ambassadors are familiar with your house music brand and are able to recognise it.

Creating brand awareness for your house music brand is something that takes take and cannot be achieved over-night. It is for that reason that you have to keep on doing it to get your house music brand out-there and in-front of its target audience. As dope as your house music brand may be, however, the most important factor is getting that house music brand in-front of its target audience/market in order to create that awareness. It does not matter how long it takes, ultimately your house music brand’s exposure to its target audience will steadily grow and increase as you drum up that awareness. This is an exercise and a process that takes time and you will have to constantly and consistently create that house music brand awareness around your brand. The consistency of the house music messages and house music brand awareness is what will ultimately deliver results. Remember, to take your time and play the long term game with regard to the awareness.

It takes time for people/house ambassadors to recognise a house music brand and this should not deter you but encourage you to keep going. You must have a strategy in doing this, from a platform strategy as every platform is different and unique. You must ensure that you have a communications /marketing plan and as well as message strategy to communicating what your house music brand is about and drumming up that awareness. Everything involves strategy and strategy must be at the heart of everything you do including creating a house music brand awareness.

By: KgeniussHMBrand Founder & House Music Strategic Planner – follow him on Twitter @KgeniussHMBrand

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