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Exploring the Importance of House Music Brand Building

Building a house music brand is one of the most exciting things to do especially in the beginning and early stages of development. It is for that reason that you’ve dope house music teams to help build or develop house music brands, thus turning house DJs into robust, memorable and successful brands. Remember, in the beginning when a house music brand is new, usually nobody knows anything about that brand and it is then the job of the house music team to help build that house music brand and create awareness around it and make it scale exponentially in the house music marketplace.

Much of building or developing a strong, memorable and successful house music brand involves a plan, strategy and vision. To a larger extent, there’s a house music narrative that says house music brands are built by house music consumers who are primarily the people responsible for their development and growth. Given this view, it is true when you look at the people that generally supports brands and even house music brands, they use the power of social media platforms today and vote with their wallets to support their favourite house music brands. The challenges of building a house music brand manifests themselves in different ways or forms and sometimes it might be the planning that is not right, at times the strategy, some other time the marketing which may not be aligned to both the house music strategic planning and business strategy and ultimately the house music brand strategy. Sometimes the planning can go wrong and that alone can damage or create a stumbling block for the development and growth of the house music brand. However, to a larger extent, this developmental phase of the building process is one of the most exciting, working with a new house music brand, creating the plan, integrating all the strategies and aligning everything with the business direction of the house music brand is the most exciting part.

House music brand building is an exercise that requires a lot of patience and is one that most emerging DJs don’t get or even understand but it is what shapes a house music brand ultimately. Quick fixes and shortcuts don’t work in the house music brand building process, a long term view and the long route is always the best of development. You don’t build a house music brand today and boom tomorrow it’s successful and playing on international festival stages, it takes time to achieve all the success. For a house music brand to ultimately scale in a house music marketplace that is very competitive, the team and the house music brand have to take a long term view and apply patience. Think of a child that is born into this world, he/she doesn’t just get up and walk or run, he/she first has to crawl, then try to stand against furniture in the home, try to walk and ultimately starts running around. The same goes for building a new house music brand and bringing it into the house music marketplace, it is ultimately about the development which plays an integral role in developing or building anything including a house music brand. It is always going to take time to build that house music brand and the process is going to be long and sometimes tedious. A new house music brand has to go through the ebbs and flows in the developmental process especially in the initial stages of that development.

Even the most successful, iconic and influential house music brands were once in the developmental phase and they had to develop, grow and ultimately gain traction in the house music marketplace. The most notable examples are that of Black Coffee whose career as a DJ began in 2003 at the Red Bull Music Academy, Tira who had won the Smirnoff Knockout competition at Electric Workshop in Johannesburg to the late AVICII who was discovered on a blog by his manager Ash Pournouri, what these brands all have in common is that patience, focus, discipline and consistency is what helped build their brands. This is not something that happened overnight, it was always a process that came with a lot of patience, focus, discipline and consistency. There’s no formula in building or developing a new house music brand but the basics are the same, especially when working with experts, the most qualified people that studied branding and strategy as well as strategic planning. They are the people with the foresight with regard to what goes into building a brand and what it entails and requires ultimately. This can sound like some kind of science but it is not, it is just important to seek the services of an expert who can help you build or develop your house music brand and agree on how much you gonna pay him/her for a while. A good house music team is likely to help you avoid all the mistakes and get this house music brand building right and part of building any house music brand goes with strategy. Strategy is at the heart of building anything new and the same goes for building a new house music brand and making it scale in the house music marketplace and become successful.

When done right and with a lot of patience, focus, plan and strategy, house music brand building can achieve a lot of great things and turn a house DJ into a dope and strong house music brand that can stand the test of time in the house music marketplace. It is worth noting, that some house DJs haven’t gotten to grips with what a house music brand is, what its purpose is, why is it important for a house DJ to become a house music brand and ultimately the benefits thereof. Usually, brands are built by people for consumption or for use by their target audience. Brands are built as well to ensure that people are not only able to consume or use them but to associate and recognise them from a mile. There’s usually a lot of good that comes with building a house music brand that can connect, engage and resonate with house music consumers. The benefits of building a house music brand are immense and that can translate into a money spinner for that house music brand. Consequently, it is easy to recognise a strong house music brand and resonate with the house music brand. House music brand building is a long process that requires a lot of patience if a new house music is to scale in the house music marketplace.

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