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No we don’t only work with DJs, we also work with house music record companies to help them with strategic plans, brand strategies, business strategies, marketing, promotions and communications. We also help them with house music content and documenting their house music brand stories that connect and engage with their target audience.

Yes, we do work with all artists all over South Africa. We help them transition from just DJs to memorable house music brands that will compete with the best in the world.

We are a strictly house music content company that only services the house music business/sector. We are not all things to all people and definitely not everything to everyone. We cover the different disciplines that include strategic plans, brand strategy, business strategy, house music brand storytelling, house music marketing and promotions, house music brand names i.e. coming up with memorable, simple and easy to pronounce DJ names and sometimes we do re-branding for DJ names, brand differentiation, brand positioning, campaign development, graphic design etc . We are not only a services company but we also build and develop house music assets from traditional to tech.

No, we come up with both new DJ names and house music record company names. We can do a re-branding on your old name and come up with a new memorable, meaningful, authentic, simple and easy to pronounce house music DJ name for you that can make you stand out from the rest of your competition in the house music marketplace.