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What We Do!

House Music Brand Storytelling

As Geneiion, your house music content company, we are natural born house music brand storytellers and this lies at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves in documenting compelling, engaging, entertaining, informative, inspiring house music brand stories that have purpose, impact and that reflect house music consumers’ realities. We understand that stories have incredible power to educate, unite and inspire a whole new generation of house ambassadors and house music brands. Our aim, through house music brand storytelling, is to make house ambassadors feel part of house music brands’ journeys. Compelling house music brand stories draws house ambassadors in and captures their attention, emotion and this is a way to make your house music brand connect with them.

House Music Strategic Plan

At Geneiion, we help house music record companies and house music brands with strategic planning that help them to plan, structure and grow their businesses. We develop a strategic plan that is aligned to your brand and business objectives. This strategic plan will inform your house music brand strategy and business direction and ultimately give your house music record company and house music brand direction. Our strategic planning is what will inform your house music brand strategy, marketing plan/ strategy, business strategy and expansion strategy etc.

House Music Brand & Name Conceptualisation​

Coming up with a memorable, unique and authentic house music brand name is the first step in the brand building process. Giving your new house music brand a name is what we do best as Geneiion. Your DJ name says a lot about you, what you stand for and what you represent. The name must appeal to everyone especially your target market. It must be easy to spell, pronounce and be memorable. At Geneiion, we craft and conceptualise new house music brand names that are memorable, easy to spell and simple to pronounce that appeal to house music consumers who are your target market. We align a name with what your house music brand stands for, what it represents and that happens through a brainstorming and conceptualisation process to choose the best name that will best represent your house music brand.

House Music Brand Communications Plan/Strategy

We are best placed to connect your house music brand with house music ambassadors in turn helping them engage and connect with your brand. We employ the best communications strategies that are insight driven and led to execute it for your brand. We craft and align every communications plan and strategy with the core message to better help your house music brand to connect with its house ambassadors. From message crafting to message strategy etc.

House Music Marketing & Promotions

We market to position and promote to attract. We are best place to market and position, promote your house music brand or record company in a highly competitive and sweet house music marketplace. Your benefit as a client is the positioning and differentiation that we’ll create for your house music brand in the marketplace. Everything is aligned to the overall business strategy of your house music brand or record company.

House Music Brand Development and Management

Building a house music brand is as important as managing it. Brand development and management are one of the most important aspects in the evolution of a house music brand in the global house brand building is a process that requires patience and great iconic house music brands are built over-time and not over-night. We develop your house music brand and align that with your brand strategy and business strategy. We create and develop memorable house music brands that will drive Africa’s house music growth.

House Music Brand Campaign Development

We develop campaigns that are compelling, entertaining, informative, engaging and inspiring, that are informed by great research to align the message with your house music brand.

House Music Brand Concept Development

We craft and come up with breakthrough concepts with the objective in mind that resonate with house music consumers and ambassadors. Our different metrics and methods in the brainstorming and ideation stage to give our house music clients' the best experience and to help their house music brand connect with their target market.

House Music Copywriting & Content Execution

We craft house music copy across the different platforms and on a variety of printed materials such as adverts, flyers, catalogs, brochures. Every copy is tailor made to each client’s needs, made to uniquely sell and communicate a house music brand message and to achieve a house music client’s business objective. Our connecting exploits are geared towards helping you tell your house music brand story better and effectively.

House Music Graphic Design

Logos are the face of companies and we create the best brand identity development for your house music record company and house music brand. Creating a brand identity is as important as building that brand. Creating a logo is the first step to creating a recognisable and memorable image branding. Entrust us with your logo design, brand identity and we will make it iconic, memorable and recognisable in the marketplace.